Jess Goins


What in life is joyous to me? Smiles. Utter happiness. Those memories I can remember with my girlfriends when we laughed until our stomachs hurt. Those moments when something unexpected happened. Like a socially awkward clerk trying to flirt. He doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell but you laugh with your friend because the effort was adorable. Being hungry and having a waiter who seems genuinely happy to be there. Happy to serve you. They even make small talk. Love. Love is joyous to me. A parent's love. A lover's love. A pet's love. Love for city views. Loving your first day on vacation when everything is going right. Happiness. Happy to be in your new home. Having a long day, and being happy to be home. Being financially able. Having financial freedom. Having any freedom. Having anything. Feeling grateful. Thinking positive. Loving yourself. Loving life. Loving others. Helping others. -Jessica Goins